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Himalayan Pink Salt - Fine

Himalayan Pink Salt - Fine

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Mined from deep within the Himalayas, mineral-rich himalayan salt is revered for its pristine nature. Sourced from ancient sea beds crystalized long before modern pollutants were introduced, this salt is widely believed to be the purest salt on earth. The eye-catching pink color is a result of the varied trace minerals found in Himalayan Pink Salt, notably iron.

An extremely versatile seasoning, Ancient Ocean® Himalayan Salt is ideal for a multitude of uses. Available in grain sizes from powder, perfect for salting your snacks, to coarse grinder-sized grains, you can find a solution to suit any kitchen conundrum. This popular salt is even available in larger chunks & stones, perfect for grating at the table for example, and slabs & bricks—a fun new cooking innovation!

SaltWorks® Ancient Ocean Himalayan Salt is the highest quality of its kind, going through a plethora of proprietary processes. SaltWorks starts with carefully selected FDA-registered sources, and then ensures the ultimate in cleanliness by running the salt through our litany of exclusive quality practices, each of which leaves the salt itself untouched & all-natural, and ensures the retention of all of its beneficial trace nutrients.

Himalayan Pink Salt offers an intriguing glimpse at mineral packed crystals which formed naturally within the earth. The many hues of pink, red and white are an indication of this salt's rich and varying mineral and iron content. Incorporate Himalayan Pink Salt into your culinary presentation; use it in a clear salt grinder so your guests can experience all the sensory delights of this amazingly pure flavor enhancer. Use it liberally in pickling brines, or try your hand at salt-roasting fish or chicken for a moist and flavorful result. All of SaltWorks Ancient Ocean Himalayan Pink Salt is SUSTAINABLY HARVESTED, food grade, all-natural, organic compliant, and Kosher certified.