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Dalmatia Fig Cocoa Spread

Dalmatia Fig Cocoa Spread

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Made with fair trade cocoa 

The figs for our award- winning spreads come from the pristine Dalmatian Coast of Croatia and other Mediterranean countries—we use first class fruit and inspect each fig by hand for quality. Each batch is perfectly cooked to preserve the integrity and full flavor of a fruit.  

  • Fold gently into mascarpone and use as a filling for crépes
  • Pair with soft cheeses, Manchego, and aged cheddars
  • Warm and serve over vanilla ice cream
  • Spread onto whole grain toast with sliced bananas

Dalmatia has been creating sweet and savory spreads for every occasion using ingredients that are sourced from farms on the scenic coast of Croatia. Their aim is to craft delicious products while supporting local farmers and regional agriculture. Each fruit is inspected by hand before being cooked into their signature spreads, ensuring that their products are of the highest quality. Dalmatia's line of spreads is sure to delight your customers while taking your baked goods, charcuterie board, or antipasto plate to the next level!