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Savannah Bee Lemon Whipped Honey

Savannah Bee Lemon Whipped Honey

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Savannah Bee Whipped Honey with Lemon might just bee the best possible combination of sweet and sour. This honey explodes in your mouth like fresh squeezed lemonade! Whipped Honey with Lemon is a beautiful summer day poured into a jar and available anytime by the spoonful. 

Savannah Bee spins together crystallized honey and fresh lemon forming a smooth and invigorating Lemon Honey. Add to pastries, tea, or jazz up your favorite tonic with this zesty combination of lemon and honey. Or, if you're anything like us, you will love this spreadable delight straight from the jar!

Savannah Bee Whipped Honey with Lemon is 100% natural and like all Savannah Bee honey varieties KSA certified. This product contains two ingredients - pure honey and natural lemon oil.

The ingredients in our whipped honey collection are all natural, so expect variation in this product. On warmer days, when separation occurs, eat layered starting with the fluffy top or give it a stir! If you like a spreadable honey, stick it in the fridge. Don’t worry, bee creative and enjoy this delicious treat!