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Shock & Awe - The General's Hot Sauces
Shock & Awe - The General's Hot Sauces

Shock & Awe - The General's Hot Sauces

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The General's Hot Sauces are all natural and contain 86% actual peppers, with no thickeners or preservatives.  All the peppers are grown by American farmers and this company donates part of their proceeds to military and Veteran families. We are proud to introduce the General's Hot Sauces to our customers.  We are launching the collection with four of their products:  Dead Red, Marine Green, Shock & Awe and Danger Close.  Each with a different level of heat.

Dead Red - made w/ripe red cayennes; an all purpose sauce - MEDIUM

Marine Green - made with aged green cayennes, tangy flavor; great for the breakfast  table - MEDIUM 

Danger Close - blend of red cayenne and orange habanero peppers - strong cayenne flavor, with a kick of habanero heat; perfect for wings - HOT

Shock & Awe - habanero - sweet. citrusy, and then comes the heat; big and bold flavor; use in dressings, sauces and chili - VERY HOT