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Sicilian Inheritance Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Sicilian Inheritance Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Discover The Sicilian Inheritance Olive Oil blend, a unique collaboration between author and podcaster Johanna Piazza, Kaleidoscope, and Cardenas Gourmet Foods. Inspired by Jo's riveting podcast and novel, "The Sicilian Inheritance," this limited edition blend transports you to early 1900s Sicily, where family secrets, passion, and ambition unfold against craggy cliffs and cerulean seas. 


This creation is inspired by Jo Piazza’s quest to unravel a century-long family mystery. A pursuit she inherited from her father. 


For years Jo’s father dreamed of importing olive oil from Sicily, the island his family hailed from and the place that had long captivated his imagination. When he passed on, Jo took up the mantle to fulfill that dream, to capture the essence of Sicilian heritage and identity, to echo the untold stories of Jo's great-great grandmother Lorenza Marsala. Take a trip to Sicily as you savor the flavors; each drop is a tribute to resilient Sicilian women and their ambition for more than the world is willing to give them. 


Elevate your culinary experience with The Sicilian Inheritance Olive Oil Collection, a fusion of storytelling and craftsmanship that invites you to indulge in the essence of Sicilian tradition.


Listen to the podcast here

Read the novel here


Size: 375ml / 12.7oz

Sicilian Inheritance Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

Harvest: 2023

Production Area: Sicily, Italy

Method of Production: Continuous Cold Press

Olive Varietal: Nocellara del Belice

Color: Green with golden hues.

Tasting Notes: Fruity, well-balanced taste. Taste of tomatoes and hint of almonds.